SMB Practice


Emerging businesses need affordable, timely technology and operations solutions from an experienced partner. Cerulean Infotech's SMB Practice has provided just that to hundreds of emerging businesses who have scaled up and succeeded in today's competitive environment.

Cerulean Infotech talks your language - the language of business.

In a typical outsourced project, the customer's IT department interacts with the business users and formulates detailed technical specifications. These specifications form the basis for bidding and project execution by the outsourced service provider. However, we understand that many emerging businesses will not have large IT departments who would have the resources to formulate such technical specifications. Cerulean Infotech views this as an opportunity to interact directly with your business users and take over this responsibility. We understand the language of business, and can quickly synch with your broad business vision and get down to the details on our own.

Cerulean Infotech partners your IT Department

As your business grows and your IT needs become more sophisticated, your IT Department will be best utilized in high value-adding functions like evaluating business functionalities, user requirements, establishing IT roadmaps, etc. Cerulean Infotech partners your IT department with speedy ramp up/ramp down of resources, specific skills that you may require, etc. In case you do not as yet have an internal IT department, we can be your IT department-on-hire. Indeed, some of our customers have continued with us being their sole IT resource even after they have scaled up.

Cerulean Infotech's cost effective, high quality services

We are extremely aggressive about managing our own costs. Simple economies like printing on both sides of the paper and switching off lights when we leave a room are not just cost saves, but also inculcate a culture of thrift. This enables us to pass on the benefits of costs to you. An important contributor to cost effectiveness is quality. Getting it right the first time lowers overall costs for you, and also helps you succeed in an inexorably competitive world.

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