Cerulean Infotech offers a range on services towards Outsourced Product Development right across the Product Life Cycle.

Cerulean Infotech views the Product Life Cycle (PLC) as consisting of three phases:

Cerulean Infotech also views the life of a product as a succession of overlapping Product Life Cycles, with each life cycle representing a newer implementation of the product. A newer implementation is not a matter of adding more functionality. Usually, it's a matter of a change in architecture, adoption of newer technologies or substantially increased functionalities. Typically, the Product Introduction phase of the next PLC coincides with the Product Maintenance phase of the previous PLC

Product Introduction

The first step in the PLC is to introduce the product to the market. At this stage, we offer the following services to the ISV:

Product Implementation

In the phase of the PLC, the product is introduced and implemented for the ISV's customers' to use. At this stage, the following services from Cerulean Infotech are pertinent:

Product Maintenance

This is in the nature of providing ongoing maintenance, and is typically at the mature phase of the PLC. At this stage, we offer the following services: