Cerulean Infotech helps Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) deliver products and services that are faster, better, and cost-effective. We have multiple pricing models, including success-linked and revenue-sharing.

ISVs face a rapidly changing business landscape of reduced time to market, pressure on pricing, global competitors and the need to constantly innovate to stay ahead of the rest. In this scenario, many ISVs have started outsourcing software product development to Cerulean Infotech. We bring to the table proven expertise in building world-class products for our ISV customers and in refining and maintaining them through the Software Product Life Cycle. We have an impeccable reputation for respecting the Intellectual Property Rights of the ISV and safeguard their interest through stringent Non Disclosure Agreements and Contracts that are signed not just by us but also by our employees. We even offer success and revenue based pricing plans, where we cover our direct costs through a reduced price and take a stake in the success of your product and solutions. We view our ISV - Cerulean Infotech program as a true partnership.

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