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Case Study: Performance Management in health care

Baltimore, Maryland based Total Compensation Services (TCS) has engaged Cerulean Infotech for the design, maintenance and enhancement of its award-winning PACETM product, since 2001.

The PACETM (Performance Appraisal and Competency Evaluation) system was first developed in 1997 and is now the standard for all employee evaluation software. The implementation of PACETM was recognized as a Best Practice by the Joint Commission. PACETM provides you with organization and job specific performance standards and organizes them by performance categories. It also provides for a concurrent but separate evaluation of competencies (knowledge, skills and abilities), consistent with Joint Commission guidelines.

PACETM was specifically designed for the health care industry and its regulatory environment. The software guides healthcare managers through an intuitive and thorough review process. The software content is developed for you by professionals with experience in writing health care job descriptions and performance standards. They also use an extensive database of thousands of health care job descriptions that has been developed for and is being used by other clients. The PACETM products are the property of TCS, and our role is that of providing technology consulting and development service.