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Case Study: Database Management System for Citibank

Building a comprehensive document management system for Citibank Investments EMEA which saves search time, reduces wastage and manages a complex documentation environment.

Customer Requirements: This project involved the development of a system to create and manage a centralized searchable database of documents for the Citibank EMEA Investments Region. The Citibank Investments Analysis and Product team is centralized in London for the Europe, Middle East and Asia Region. This team was responsible for making available the various documents available related to Fund houses and the Mutual Funds Markets in general, such as, prospectus, annual reports, market research reports, fund fact sheets, etc., to the various sales teams in each of the countries in these regions. The sheer volume of the documents and the varied sources made it necessary to have a centralized archive available which could be accessed by the various countries instead of their having to be distributed or obtained independently.

Our Solution

The Content Database Management System developed has the following features:

Technology Used