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Case Study: Web based Customer Integrator for Banking

Solutions for the east coast business for private banking relationship managers of a major US bank.

This project was targeted at the department that serviced very high net worth individuals. These individuals have investments across a wide range of products across a wide range of geographical locations. They also normally have a complex holding pattern. Due to the large number of products offered, the department decided not to get into the business of developing and maintaining product processors. Instead, they use the processors developed by the Consumer banking unit or the corporate banking unit. This has resulted in a scenario where customer's accounts are booked on different product processors, which are heterogeneous and geographically separated. It is, therefore, very difficult for Service Officers to service clients quickly and effectively. The web based customer integrator provides all information relating to customer entitlements and customer financial information in one place through a simple browser interface.

There are 2 sources of information
  • ODS - An operational data source which is refreshed with feeds from the various product processors daily. This involved mapping data elements from the various product processors to the ODS data tables and designing the feeds for the various product processors. A data migration utility was developed to process the feeds and upload it into the ODS.
  • Online - The information in the ODS is dated. Whenever the service officer requires online information a terminal based application can be invoked or the information could be obtained from an online messaging service. The user sign-on, remote navigation etc are handled transparently by the application using a screen-scraping based navigation engine. This provides the user the luxury of single sign-on and context sensitive access.
Technology Used
  • Application Development: Java, JSP, C
  • Web Server: Weblogic 5.1
  • Database: Oracle 8i
  • Operating System: Sun Solaris 2.7