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Case Study: Loyalty Programs in the Banking Industry

A Fortune 50 bank introduces customer loyalty programs for their credit card and debit card programs, with delivery systems that range from snail-mail to Web based access.

A Fortune 50 Bank required Loyalty Marketing systems for their debit cards program along with significant changes in their existing program for credit cards.

Key Objectives
  • Increased customer satisfaction, with the core product and with the loyalty program
  • Reduction in churn (customer turnover)
  • Promotion of new, or non-performing product lines
  • Change in consumer behavior (e.g. kick-start usage of ATM card as Debit Card)
  • Upsell and cross-sell of merchandise
Technology Used
  • Application Development: Pro-C, Java, XML
  • Database: Oracle
  • Operating System: Sun Solaris
  • Others: BEA Weblogic

The fully enabled loyalty system has the following main features:

  • Customer Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Retention
  • Web Enabled System