Cerulean Infotech's partnerships with major technology firms, industry bodies and certifications from independent international institutes testify to our credentials and competence as a reputed supplier of technology and operations solutions.

Cerulean Infotech has been part of the Upwork platform since 2001 (when it was known as Elance) and is ranked amongst their top service providers. Since 2013 to 2019 (when Elance rebranded as Upwork and stopped rankings), Cerulean Infotech has been in the Top 3 overall service providers on the Platform and has held the #1 position for several weeks on their weekly ranking charts. Cerulean Infotech has been on the Service Provider Advisory Panel as well as a member of the erstwhile Direct Program where Upwork would work with selected Service Providers and directly procure contracts from clients rather than only provide the marketplace platform. We continue to be highly sought after service provider on Upwork.

Cerulean Infotech was the first Indian company to be sponsored under Sun's Internet Startup Essentials Program. This program gives Cerulean Infotech priority access to hardware, system and application software and training courses under the Sun Education Program. This exposes Cerulean Infotech professionals to cutting-edge technology under high quality tutelage. Cerulean Infotech can also access Sun Microsystems resources towards technology, branding and marketing forums. Cerulean Infotech is now a Sun Developer Partner.

Cerulean Infotech has a long history of working with Microsoft technology for desktop and internet solutions. Microsoft's MSDN Universal license gives Cerulean Infotech priority access to all releases of Microsoft technology include the beta and latest versions of Visual Studio.NET and SQL Server.

Cerulean Infotech is a full member of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII); CII is the apex Indian industry trade body and reference point for Indian Industry and the international business community. Founded in 1895, CII has over 7,400 member organizations and a vibrant network of 64 offices in India, 7 overseas offices, as well as institutional partnerships with 300 counterpart organizations in 106 countries.

Cerulean Infotech's Software development processes have undergone independent audit by URS Certifications ( and registered to be ISO 9001:2015 complaint. Registration to ISO 9001:2015 standard provides objective proof that a business has implemented an effective quality management system, and that it satisfies all of the requirements of the applicable standard. URS is based in UK and has been #1 in the independent, 3rd party quality system audit business since 1994.

Cerulean has been a member of Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) since inception. As a member of STPI Cerulean has received support from the Government of India through exemption from Duty/Tax on purchase of assets, 10-year Income tax holiday, access to a start-up ecosystem to enable smoother Software exports. We have been sponsored by STPI on several occasions to attend and showcase our services in various events like Bangalore and CEBIT India